Come and get your vaccine at 't Bau-huis

If you get infected with the corona virus, you can be very sick. That is why it is important to get vaccinated. Do not do it just for yourself, but also to protect your family and friends.


In the following weeks or months, you will receive an invitation to be vaccinated. The invitation letter will be in your letterbox two weeks before you are expected to come to the vaccination centre. If the authorities have your details, you will also receive it by text message and by email.

Confirm or change your appointment on the website, by smartphone using the QR code or by calling the number 03 760 90 10.

Are you unable to come to the vaccination centre for medical reasons? Then contact your family doctor and ask whether you could be vaccinated at home.

Where is the vaccination centre?

Sint-Niklaas residents will be vaccinated at 't Bau-huis, Slachthuisstraat 60. It is right behind the railway station. Preferably come on foot or by bicycle. The De Lijn bus station and the NMBS railway station are within walking distance.

If you cannot get to the vaccination centre on your own, first try and find a solution in your own circle. If you need assistance, please contact the info point at 't Bau-huis, tel. 03 760 90 10. We can provide transport for the less mobile in exchange for a limited contribution.

At the vaccination centre

1. Reception

  • What do you need to bring?
    • your identity card
    • your invitation or e-ticket
  • Wear your face mask and disinfect your hands. One person may accompany you if you have difficulties walking or if you have another problem.
  • A reception staff member will verify your identity and your appointment. Your temperature will also be checked. Next, a staff member will accompany you to the medical administration desk.

2. Medical records

  • You will receive information about the vaccine, and you will be asked some questions about your health status.
  • You will receive an appointment for the second vaccination.
  • Finally, you can move on to the vaccination room in the Bau-huis main hall.

3. Vaccination room

In this room you will be vaccinated. The vaccine will be injected in your upper arm. Therefore, please wear a short sleeve garment or make sure that your upper arm is easily uncovered. For the sake of privacy, the vaccination room is entirely shielded from unwanted viewing.

4. The rest area

When you had your vaccine, you must take a 15-minute supervised rest. It really is important to do so. Exceptionally, the vaccine can cause side effects, such as itching or muscle pains. This way you can immediately report such effects.


If getting here on your own is difficult, you can have one assistant accompany you. You can also request an assistant at the Bau-huis information point. Bringing children or company is not allowed.

The second injection

On your vaccination card you will find the appointment for your second injection, also at 't Bau-huis. How long you will have to wait for your second injection depends on the type of vaccine. Some vaccines only require a single injection. As from 10 to 14 days after you were fully vaccinated, the vaccine's protection against the corona virus is at its best.


’t Bau-huis

Tel. 03 760 90 10 - e-mail:


Tel. 03 778 30 00, every weekday from 08:15 till 12:15.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays also from 13:30 till 16:00.


Tel. 03 778 66 66, every weekday from 08:30 till 12:30.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays also from 13:30 till 16:30.